Discussion in 'Synapse' started by Jerry, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Jerry

    Jerry Administrator Staff Member

    WinMerge is a very lightweight open source nifty tool to compare/merge files and folders. I've been looking for a nice one to merge contents of the text files in the local synapse client like macro.txt and icd9.r, as it's easy to add stuff in one client and forget to update to the rest (unless it's all on Dropbox).
  2. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    Well, macros.txt is now obsolete as the data is stored on your server when you save it.

    Can you store icd9.r in your dropbox and create a symbolic link to it in your Synapse directory??
  3. Jerry

    Jerry Administrator Staff Member

    I think symlinks or putting in shortcuts to a file only work to sync to instances of Dropbox that are on the same subnet? So far, I've been avoiding putting all of my synapse client folder on Dropbox, 'cause I only have 2.3 gigs of free storage space. So the new Editor function saves macros.txt to the server, and the local macros.txt file is just a vestige, not used at all?
  4. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    Macros.txt is used until you save it to the server ... and then it's not used after that.

    This is what I was envisaging.

    C:\mydropbox\synapse.exe icd9.r and other stuff

    c:\emr\sym link to synapse.exe
    c:\emr\sym link to icd9.r

    So, when you update the Synapse.exe in dropbox, every PC that is synced updates. And the same for icd9.r
    Just not sure what happens if you update the icd9.r in the c:\emr\ .. does it overwrite the symlink or save it to c:\mydrobox\ ? I suspect the latter.
  5. Jerry

    Jerry Administrator Staff Member

    Vista and Win7 can create symbolic links, that work just like symlinks in Linux. The NTFS file system also supports hard links (as well and junctions and mount points). Here's a freeware application that creates these for you using a GUI called Link Shell Extension, with thorough explanation and screenshots as to how to use it. This should definitely do the trick to link files in \EMR\Client to mydropbox.
  6. alpesh

    alpesh New Member

    wouldnt it be better to run a script or bat file that can copy from dropbox dir to \emr dir upon runing itor upon starting synapse so that u have latest client and files all syncd
  7. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    You could do that too ... but it's not necessary if you just sym link them.

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