Trouble displaying growth charts

Discussion in 'Setup & Installation' started by laumansm, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. laumansm

    laumansm New Member

    I can't display growth charts. I entered a demo patient of age 1, added some measurements. When I hit "plot", one or two console boxes flicker on the screen and disappear within a second. No plot appears.

    I have a feeling that there is a lack of association of ps files with GSview. In GSview, I entered advanced configure, marked "associate ps files". However, when I leave GSview, that association seems to disappear. It still does not work. I went back into GSview and that mark is gone.

    Any help?

    Thanks, Marius
  2. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    Marius, you don't need the association with .ps as Synapse will use the full path in Settings/User/PostScript for the PS Viewer to view the file.

    Check your <synapsedir>/www/cgi-bin directory and see if any growth charts have been created.

  3. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    I have reproduced this problem ... .looks like I introduced this bug in build 64.

    The new installation verification routine is changing the path from gsview32.exe to gsview.exe and so you can't see any ps files.

    Until I fix it ... you have to go to Settings/PostScript and change it to gsview32.exe, save the configuration and then try viewing it.

    Or, copy gsview32.exe to gsview.exe ....
  4. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    Build 65 is now available and fixes this bug.
  5. Jason

    Jason Developer / Handyman Staff Member

    I was going to say my growth charts work great. But I was using Beta 59 in the baby room.


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