Treatment of Stage IV Lung Cancer: complimentary therapies

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    DCA research:

    DCA Dosage and the DCA-Tea-B1 Protocol :

    We proceed the same medication : 10mg/kg/day DCA, black tea (4 cups a day), standard chemo for pancreas cancer and some additional homeopathic tablets.

    Make sure you get the pharmaceutical grade, and make sure it is Sodium Dichloroacetate in powder form.

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    Curcuminoids: (Curcumin), Tumeric, usually eaten in Curry.

    Involvement of ROS-p38-H2AX axis in novel curcumin analogues-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells.
    Our findings provide mechanistic support for the potential use of terpene-conjugated curcuminoids as a novel class of cancer chemopreventive agents.

    - water insoluble.
    - poor bioavailability orally, better if dissolved in oil.
    - Clinical studies in humans with high doses (2–12 grams) of curcumin have shown few side-effects
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