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    When I was a resident, I wrote an MS Access based database to manage all the hospital consults. I believe to this day, it's still used by my residency program. I had a simple ToDo list for each patient, when one ToDo is done, the resident check it, it will disappear from the list. I agree with Jason - I don't like to use noticeboard or tickler or messaging for ToDo purpose. I am using an MSAccess add-on I wrote myselfto my EMG software for my reports. I am actually thinking of writing a similar one to attach to Synapse database. I have several specific needs, though, to integrate to this add-on database. I need a tracking system for the Mindstreams cognitive assessment test, for example, so the secretay can keep track of the pre-certs, charges, etc. Don't know when I will have time to get to it.
  2. Graham

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    So what do you use the noticeboard, and ticklers for then?

  3. qilin

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    I tried ticklers for todo purpose for a little, then stopped. My secretary used noticeboard for her todo for a couple days, also stopped. I guess using noticeboard, it's hard to keep track. It's good for office announcement type of message.
  4. Jerry

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    I jotted down some notes about the characteristics of effective todo lists....

    Types of Todos:

    simple task that needs to be done once and that's it

    reoccurring simple task --
    need to check off it's done today, but it sort of stays on the todo list
    to remind me it needs to be done at intervals

    More complex task
    will likely be done in stages, the stages could be simple todos, but should
    really remain organized under the main task

    Todos neeed:

    Ability to expand and contract or collapse parts of the todo list to create an
    uncluttered look....after all, if piles of electronic sticky notes were
    effective, why whould you need a todo organizer?

    Ability to make notes about the task that can be expanded and contracted
    So you can make notations about who, why, when, etc, and view them or not.

    Ability to see any todo in a few clicks on a comprehensive list, not have to remember
    where all the todos are.

  5. Graham

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    But what was the main reason for not using ticklers?

    And if you're not, what are you using instead, paper sticky notes?

  6. Jason

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    Ticklers and Todos are different things.

    And I certainly don't want them co-mingling.

    Certainly some ToDo are important but not associated with a patient in Synapse.

    My hospital only patients don't have a Synapse chart.

  7. Graham

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    I only use Synapse for Synapse patients ... and so ticklers are always related to Synapse patients.

    Ticklers are multi-stage, and accessible by others who you are sharing the work eg. reception, PAs, and have an audit trail. And you can make notes as you go.

    They don't repeat though ... and the solution is to just create another one. Though I wonder if rescheduling the existing one might fit the job.

  8. Jerry

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    For personal ticklers, a doc can always create ticklers for a fictitious patient. Maybe there would be some way to create a patient ID in the TICKLERS table that is just for the doctor? Synapse ticklers do currently have tags, assignments, and notes, so would work for me otherwise, I think.
  9. Jason

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    Lots of good ideas here.
    I'd love to see a "Real Time" TODO list for Synapse.
    Anyone see a need for this ?
  10. Jason

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    Ideally a Networked TODO list would reside entirely in Synapse.

    Real Time, networked TODO list options:
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