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Discussion in 'Rebol' started by ZEEM, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. ZEEM

    ZEEM New Member

    following with great fun :)
    the initial tutorial and on the following line of code
    write %c/tmp/rebolSmalltesttonight.txt name

    I get the following error:

    ** Access Error: Cannot open /c/program files/rebol/view/c/tmp/rebolSmalltesttonight.txt
    ** Where: halt-view
    ** Near: write %c/tmp/rebolSmalltesttonight.txt nam


    It looks like there is a default path setup from the install.
    I think it's a shame that although I gave it a fully qualified file name it failed so miserably... :)

    how do I deal with such idiosyncrasy?
    -- OK, I could probably fix the hard coded path...
    but I'm more interested in the reason why it did not saved it in the first place.
    Obviously the path exists. FYI the file does not.
    Perhaps there is another function Save()...

    thank you for your patience
  2. ZEEM

    ZEEM New Member



    I was missing the first "/"

    why is it that you can see it after you posted it?

  3. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    We all get caught one time or another!
  4. ZEEM

    ZEEM New Member

    Hi Graham: thanks :)

    I have another one:

    print "hi line1" newline "line 2

    this does NOT:
    print "hi line1" ^/ "line 2

    it errors with
    ** Syntax Error: Invalid path -- ^/
    ** Near: (line 1) print "hi line1" ^/ "line 2"

    any idea?

  5. ZEEM

    ZEEM New Member

    fyi version 2.7.8
  6. ZEEM

    ZEEM New Member

    OK Please allow me to add another one tonight:

    >> audioFile: load %/C/tmp/Cubase_5/LoopBaby.mp3
    == ID3

    then when I try

    it gives me:
    ** Script Error: Cannot use path on word! value
    ** Where: halt-view
    ** Near: audioFile/type

    any clue please?
    The first command looks like it worked and it returned the mp3 tag ID (which is empty in this mp3 of mine)
    then what happens?
    form the tutorial at
    it sounds like it should give me information on the file? is that right?

    thank you
  7. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    It's not working in both cases .. it just seems to work!


    print [ "line 1" "^/" "line 2" ]
    print takes one argument. See how the one that seems to work has quotes around the second line as it is just echoing the value.
  8. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    >> f: load %crimsonandClover.mp3
    == ID3
    >> type? f
    == word!
    Rebol doesn't know about mp3 files so I'm surprised that the ID appears
  9. ZEEM

    ZEEM New Member

    Thanks Graham... I had not paid attention in the example I was following that the "^/" was actually inside the double quoted string..
    it was getting too late last night but I couldn't close the lead of the laptop in my hotel room..
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