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    Here goes:

    1. In my subspecialty (PM&R), it is imperative to note the date of injury (legal consequences to the client). Is there a way to modify the CC template to reflect this as opposed to picking x number of days, weeks or years ago.

    2. In the history, I need to know how to accomplish the following: many of my patients have had multiple interventions, each with a slightly different response. Currently, the template only allows for one intervention and one response. Am I missing something?

    3. How would I modify the input screen for Medication dose and frequency? To give an example:sometimes I would want someone totake 1/2 tab of a 40 mg wafer of methadone - let's say Qday. By the way - where is Qday ordaily - all that I see is OD (abbreviation for on the right or other day).

    4. Is it possible to add a template for a motor vehicle accident in the history, Currently, this is what I use in MS Word

    Today, {Title} {Last Name} indicates that at approximately [time] on {DOI}, {she he} was involved in a motor vehicle accident in [town, state]. At the time, {First Name} was the [restrained] operator of a [year make model] [automobile]. There [were no] passengers in the vehicle. {Title} {Last Name} states that {she he} was traveling [direction] on [road] at roughly [speed] miles per hour. Weather conditions were described as [conditions]. {She He} states that {she he} had her headlights [on]. [Details of accident]. At the time of impact, {First Name} states that {her his} head struck the [site]. {She He} [denies any] loss of consciousness[]. {Title} {Last Name} indicates that {she he} immediately began to experience [both posterior head and neck pain]. {First Name}'s vehicle sustained significant [site] damage and was, by {her his} report, ["totalled"]. [No interior] damage was reported. Airbags [did not deploy]. By report, {Title} {Last Name} states that {she he} [refused] EMS transportation[]. However, {she he} [later went to the Hospital] for [site] pain. [There, radiographic evaluation was reportedly negative.] In the time following the motor vehicle accident, {Title} {Last Name} reports [slowly progressive sites] pain symptomatology. The medical history is significant for [diagnoses, evaluations].

    Let's start here.........
  2. Graham

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    Sure .. it's a template. You can remove all the days, weeks etc and just put a field that is blank for you to enter a date.

    Is this the same template? If so, this is just intended for the nursing staff to use so that the doc sees what's going on. It's not a comprehensive CC template.

    I would just select the 40 mg tab, and in the frequency/instructions, put 1/2 po qid.

    Yes, just use a macro for that. In the macros "he" is automatically converted to "she" where appropriate.
  3. Jason

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    Hi krose, I like your questions. I see you realize that having templates that are "just right" for you is important to keep you efficient. That is good to hear. And the answer is that synapse has ultra powerful templates. The one caveat is this: you'll have to build 'em yourself. (Note: you have to do this with almost every EMR).

    Graham, can we embed a calendar widget in a template ?

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  4. Graham

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    Not at present .. but it could be added in due course.

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