How to keep up to date with SynapeDirect forums.

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    I suppose it is already impossible for a new joiner to read all the posts here at So what I suggest is for you to "Mark them all as Read" so you can make note of the NEW posts.

    Q: How do you mark all the forums as "Read"

    Well .. for each of the forums listed below ...


    You will have to do this ...

    Enter one of the above forum by clicking on it ... scroll down to the bottom of the page ... click on "More Options" ... and then click "All Read".


    Then when you are surfing over to ... you can click the Posts you have not read

    (pictured below)


    or you could just bookmark the following URL and then get the latest scoop on Synapse via your browser bookmarks.

    Hope that Helps, Jason.

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  2. Jason

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    And ...



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