Emailing from Synapse EMR

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    In order to email from Synapse, you have to configure only two settings.

    From the Settings tab, use the SMTP tab near the bottom of the page. Enter your email server ( the one used for sending mail and not the one for receiving mail ), and the email address you want the message to appear to come from.

    Use the "Save Config" button to preserve these settings.

    To create an email, in the Patients/Consults tab, use the "Add New" button, and choose "Email to patient". This will then create a blank record with your signature at the bottom of a few blank lines. Click on the near blank new record, enter the details you want to write, and save it.

    When you now select the "Print" button for this record, an email dialog will now appear asking you to enter the email subject. Note that the patient email address must be entered in the Patients/Details/Personal & Contact screen in the Contact & Portal box.

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