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Discussion in 'Hardware and Software Tips and Suggestions' started by qilin, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Microsoft has a promotion of Windows 8 pro upgrade for only $15 now for any recent PC/laptop purchases. Regular upgrade price now is only $40. Tried Windows 8 and I like it. Performance noticeably better than Windows 7, SSD friendly, does SSD optimization automatically. I am in the process of upgrading some of my office computers to Windows 8. Since I have upgraded all my OS drives to SSD. This seems logical. Combine Windows 8 and SSD, even my 4-5 year-old PCs are flying, boot up in 10-20 sec, shut down in 2 sec, impressive.

    However, Paperport 12 does not work in Windows 8. Reviews of Paperport 14 don't look good. I am looking for an alternative. I am testing FileCenter. It works well in Windows 8 and does almost everything Paperport does and does many things better actually. The only thing I can not do now is to print an incoming fax from Snappy Fax to a searchable PDF file automatically (OCR done automatically). I have been using Paperport image printer for this task. Using FileCenter, I will need to manually select the file to run OCR separately.
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    I've tested File Center and I really like it.
    I haven't tried Windows 8 yet.
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    Did some research and found out how to make Paperport 12 work under windows 8. Problem solved.
    However, I will probably still replace it with Filecenter. It appears to me now Filecenter + Practice Fusion approach makes the most sense.

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