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Discussion in 'Synapse' started by Graham, Apr 7, 2010.

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    Okay, I was in the situation where I wanted the creatinine clearance. I had the eGFR, the 24 hour urinary volume, the serum creatinine, and the urinary creatinine, but not the formula to hand.

    Ringing the laboratory, I was passed from one barely English speaking person to another with no one knowing how to do the calculation. Seems the eGFR is all they know these days.

    Googling the calculation was tricky because almost all of the formulae I could find used American units.

    So, here's a SI calculator for the custom tab:

    	label "Creatine Clearance Calculator" return
    		group-box "mL/min" -1x-1 data [
    			label "Urine Volume (mL)" uvolume: field 20 return
    			label "Period ( hours )" time: field 20 return
    			label "Serum Creat (umol/L)" serumcreatinine: field 20 return
    			label "Urine Creat (mmol/L)" urinecreatinine: field 20 return
    			button -1 "Calculate" [
    				 r:  (to-decimal urinecreatinine/text) * (to-decimal uvolume/text) / (to-decimal serumcreatinine/text) / ( to-decimal time/text ) / 60  * 1000 
    				set-text result form round/to r .1
    			result: field 20	
    and in the end, the eGFR was 60 mL/min, and the calculation 48 mL/min. Was it worth the trouble??

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