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Discussion in 'Setup & Installation' started by Anthony, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    If you configure a USB synapse on the same PC all the time, printing should work - I feel.

  2. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    However the fall back mode is to use IE formats to print .. that should work on all PCs.

  3. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    I now remember what I was referring to when I mentioned that the paths would be all wrong.

    To save configuring multiple profiles, the profile system assumes that when you shift from place to place, you take your laptop with you. So, the profiles just change the address details, but not the paths to GSview and GSprint etc, or nothing else. So, it assumes that if you see patients at 30 min intervals, you will always see them at 30 min intervals where ever you are.

    If you use a USB drive, or, if you infact use anyone else's PC, your profile may not match the settings for that particular PC.

    The simplest thing to do is make sure that you install everything to the C drive and keep all the program settings the same. Otherwise when you bring your USB drive along, you may have to configure these things each time, and then again when you get back to the office to restore the original settings.

    Perhaps it makes sense for printer ports, addresses and program settings to be part of a particular profile but that is currently how it works, and it would take a lot of work to change it all.
  4. khalsa

    khalsa New Member

    I have to agree with Anthony that there should be a better way to handle users upgrading their software.

    Maybethe softwarecan automatically check for updates once a week/month.
    I think it is a pretty serious issue to be blocked out if there didn't happen to be an update for 3 months or X amount of months for that matter, and I'm sure there are countless reasons why that may happen.

  5. khalsa

    khalsa New Member

    hmm, looks like it does already does notify updates...
  6. DrO

    DrO New Member

    Concerning insurance copays in the US, there is this nasty yearly deductible in Medicare, currently US$131.00. The patient has to pay this amount before Medicare will start paying the 80% of what it says a given visit should be worth. For instance, a level 4 visit is now US$85.00. A patient comes in, he has to pay $85, you have to bill Medicare, it will pay $0.00 but will subtract $85 from the yearly deductible. This transaction takes at least 14 days. In the meantime the patient goes to see another physician, for whatever reason, if he/she doesn't have a receipt showing the amount already paid, she has to pay $85.. If it's a visit with a consultant the patient will have to pay $131, for consults are worth more!

    Otherwise, when the patient returns, say for another level 4 visit he has to pay you $46 (rest of deductible) plus 0.2*($85-$46)= $7.80... If you bill Medicare, 2 weeks later you will receive $31.20. If the level of the visit is low, BP check etc, this charade will persist for another visit. If Medicaid is the secondary you are royally scr...d, for it will pay less than 50% of the yearly deductible, thereafter it pays $0. Thus, you are working at 80% of Medicare allowed! The secondary insurance usually pays the patient's 20%
    Should have stayed in chemistry, but I love what I do. Sucks!

  7. Jason

    Jason Developer / Handyman Staff Member

    The only reason Grahamput the"clienttoo old" message is so people wouldn't be using old software. It was a well-intentioned idea. I've never seen the message that forces an upgrade, because I am always using the latest copy.

    I would say, it is an excellent idea to allow people to use whatever copy of synapse.exe they want to use, indefinitely.

    Q: easy to change graham ?

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