Client Build 208 final

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  1. Graham

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    <h1>Client 208</h1>

    Changes ( reverse chronological order)

    1. Requires Server 76
    2. Dictation window now stays on top of every other window
    3. Some patient form fixes
    4. Renamed "Questionaires" tab to "Forms"
    5. New tifviewer preference ( see Settings/Misc )
    6. Popup windows now open on top
    7. Insertion of macros/templates are at the cursor and not at the end of the text
    8. Help messages are now divided into new and read.
    9. Moved "Drugs" into the "Reports" tab
    10. Tabs re-organized so that all the settings are now under one tab, and providers/staff now under a "people" tab.
    11. No longer loads help messages until switching to that tab
    12. Help messaging is now asynchronous http
    13. Should not give an error if help server is off line.

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