Adobe Acrobat, Word instead of Paperpport, GSview etc.

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  1. laumansm

    laumansm New Member

    Newbie question: I have a copy of Adobe Acrobat around. Now, can I use this instead of paperport, GSview etc.? That would give me an all-in-one solution with software I am already familiar with.

    On that note: In a previous post, I inquired about adding "push-to Word" functionality. I think that if we could provide solutions with robust, familiar software such as Word and Acrobat (or maybe even OpenOffice) rather than the current ps drivers etc., we might be able to make Synapse more enticing to potential new users. What do you think?

  2. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    The reason somethings are pushed to PS instead of PDF is for speed. To push to PS is very fast, and GSView can easily view them. Also if you have a PS printer, you can print faster to the printer than any other possible printing method.

    To push to PDF means it has to go through ghostscript to conver the PS to PDF .. an extra step. Then you have to load up the browser with the PDF plugin to view it .. another step. Annoyingly, Acrobat and the browser at times want to alert you of updates .. and so nothing appears to happen because they're displaying their update messages. These can be prevented by options, but it is still another step.

    But PDF is the main document format for most things where you want to keep a copy ... as all of those PDFs are also sent to the server and kept as print images.

    How many EMRs keep a print image of everything you print?

    Of course it's easy enough for me to make it all PDF ... but who wants to sacrifice speed?

    As for Word .. it's not something I use, and it's not available on Linux. I can't use Open Office because it lacks a COM interface.

    PS: You are aware that many of the print options do include output to Word?

  3. Jason

    Jason Developer / Handyman Staff Member

    There isn't a great deal of need for using PaperPort with Synapse anymore.

    You were hoping that anything that Synapse uses GSview for ... use Acrobat ?

    You can send certain things to Word at certain times.

    I like Send to Word as it makes things EDITABLE ... so You can touch things up ... etc.

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  4. Jason

    Jason Developer / Handyman Staff Member

    Graham: send to Word has always been a popular thing. (myself, qilin, etc.)

  5. laumansm

    laumansm New Member


    how can I access the fields that are displayed on the right of the list of consults in the picture that you posted e.g. chief complaints etc.? I cannot find this to the right of my consult list. There is a radio buttion choice "less/more" but it does not do nything.

  6. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    What picture? URL?
  7. Jason

    Jason Developer / Handyman Staff Member


    The screenshot might be confusing as it is 1 window on top of another.

    For this to work, you must already have a "consult" finished. then when it is selected (or in view) click Print.

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