what's the correct way to see svv/facet-words/15's type?

Discussion in 'Rebol' started by HCCHEN, Apr 3, 2011.


    HCCHEN New Member

    >> type? svv/facet-words/1
    == word! <=========== this is fine. But why the same method failed on the below and what's the correct way to see svv/facet-words/15's type?

    >> type? svv/facet-words/15
    ** Script Error: 15 is missing its new argument
    ** Near: type? svv/facet-words/15

  2. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    Try using 'source instead .. and then look at the source to 'source to see how it works
  3. MaxV

    MaxV Member

     ? svv/facet-words
    SVV/FACET-WORDS is a block of value: [
        edge font para doc feel
        effect effects keycode rate colors texts help user-data
        with func [new args][args: next args]
        bold italic underline func [new args][set-font new style first args arg
        left center right func [new args][set-font new align first args args]
        top middle bottom func [new args][set-font new valign first args args]
        plain func [new args][set-font new style none args]
        of func [new args][new/related: second args next args]
        font-size func [new args][set-font new size second args next args]
        font-name func [new args][set-font new name second args next args]
        font-color func [new args][set-font new color second args next args]
        wrap func [new args][set-para new wrap? on args]
        no-wrap func [new args][set-para new wrap? off args]
        as-is func [new args][flag-face new as-is args]
        shadow func [new args][set-font new shadow second args next args]
        frame func [new args][set-edge new none args]
        bevel func [new args][set-edge new 'bevel args]
        ibevel func [new args][set-edge new 'ibevel args]
  4. Sunanda

    Sunanda New Member

    svv/facet-words/15 appears to be a function, so typing...
    ...gets the function executed, rather than displayed.

    In addition to others' answers, try PICK:

    probe pick svv/facet-words 15
    func [new args][args: next args]

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