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    old Vitamin D normal values .. I think they were revised. FYI.

    Sept 19 2007.

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    Low vitamin-D levels associated with higher prevalence of peripheral artery disease

    New York, NY - New data presented this week have shown that low
    serum vitamin-D levels are associated with a higher prevalence of
    peripheral artery disease (PAD) [1].
    The association was observed in a large, nationally representative
    sample and was present even after adjustment for multiple
    cardiovascular risk factors, report investigators.

    ... more at.

    Certainly if you have bad PAD, it is hard to get outside to walk even ... I wonder what confounders they actually factored in.
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    I'd like to read this article mainly because google shows they appear to quote the paper on vitamin d i wrote [H]

    But reading the abstract I think the study is flawed ... because we know that intake is not a signficant percentage of the vitamin D inputs.
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    seems like it

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    Vitamin D deficiency linked to poorer breast cancer outcomes: study


    The study involved 512 women, aged 35 to 69, who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 1989 and 1996, then had their health followed until 2007, on average for almost 12 years.

    "What we found was that 37.5 per cent of our patients were vitamin D deficient and 38.5 per cent were insufficient," said Goodwin, noting that sufficiency was based on levels considered optimal for good bone health.

    "Only 24 per cent had sufficient levels of vitamin D in their blood."

    Having too little vitamin D was associated with a younger age, obesity and a lower intake of grains and cereals, which in Canada are fortified with the nutrient.

    kinda surprising.

    Vitamin D status at diagnosis was linked to a greater risk of seeing cancer recurrence or spread, with 10-year metastasis-free survival at 69 per cent for women who were deficient versus 83 per cent for those with optimal vitamin D.

    There was also a huge contrast in overall 10-year survival between the two groups: 74 per cent among those with too little of the vitamin compared to 85 per cent with enough.

    Goodwin said it appeared that having a vitamin D level of 80 to 120 nanomoles per litre of blood is ideal.

    more at -
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    Lack of vitamin D may cause juvenile diabetes

    Updated Thu. Jun. 5 2008 8:11 PM ET [ News Staff]

    Children who live in countries at higher latitudes, such as Canada,
    where there is less sunlight for much of the year, are far more likely
    to develop juvenile diabetes than kids who live at or near the equator,
    new research says.

    The findings suggest that a lack of vitamin D, which the body
    produces when ultraviolet light hits the skin, has a role in the
    development of the disease. Vitamin D can also be obtained from
    supplements and from some foods.

    "We see this very characteristic signature that makes it
    unmistakeable that vitamin D deficiency is the cause of childhood type
    1 diabetes," said study author Dr. Cedric F. Garland, professor of
    family and preventive medicine at University of California, San Diego.

    Garland believes that vitamin D protects the cells that produce
    insulin. In type 1 diabetes, the body is unable to produce insulin, or
    cannot effectively use the insulin it creates.

    Suggested Dose:

    The researchers suggested that children take a vitamin supplement of
    1,000 international units (IU) per day (of vitamin D3), as well as get five to 10
    minutes of sun exposure a day, to prevent the development of the
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    More D news.

    Vitamin D during pregnancy may impact baby's teeth

    Women who have low vitamin D levels during pregnancy are more likely to have babies who develop tooth enamel problems, which can lead to tooth decay, new Canadian research says.

    Researchers from the University of Manitoba examined data from 135 babies between the ages of seven and 16 months. They found that 21.6 per cent of them had tooth enamel defects and 33.6 per cent had early childhood tooth decay.

    Mothers of children with tooth decay had significantly lower vitamin D levels than mothers of children with healthy teeth.

    .... more at the above URL.

  11. Graham

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    Since this was a prospective study, I wonder why they didn't do the obvious and check baby's levels.
  12. Jason

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    Maybe because the mom's would be less likely to consent if their baby needed blood drawn ?

    For today's newborn testing I think they can get it all from the heel !

    Not sure about getting a D level from the heel.
  13. Graham

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    cord blood ..
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    Talk about the genetic foundations for the link between MS and low vitamin D.
  15. Graham

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    Well, we know that your risk of MS relates to where you were brought up at a young age, and does not change to where you move to when you are older. So, clearly there is some developmental factor that is interacting with the environment.

    The other question is whether vitamin D still has a role when the disease has already become established. This trial may help to answer that.

    In the meantime I see no harm in giving MS patients D3 to get a level over 100 nmol/L ...

    This safety study is also interesting showing no hypercalcemia, or hypercalciuria despite reaching levels twice the upper normal.
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    1. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Bacterial Vaginosis

    Medscape Medical News, June 1, 2009


    3. Vitamin D Status Linked to Cognitive Function in Older Men

    Medscape Medical News, June 2, 2009
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    A whopping 70 percent of American kids aren't getting enough vitamin D, and such youngsters tend to have higher blood pressure and lower levels of good cholesterol than their peers, according to two new studies published this week in the journal Pediatrics. Low vitamin D levels also may increase a child's risk of developing heart disease later in life, experts say.

    "We were astounded at how common it was," says study author Dr. Michal Melamed


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    Vitamin D, Calcium Shown to Reduce Mortality - Even Among Those With Hip Fractures

    They seem to promote the idea of Vitamin D + Calcium is better than D alone. Most women I suggest to take both, but less so for men. I'll have to think about that one.
  19. Graham

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    Yes that's the opinion here ... though calcium does have a cardiovascular signal when given alone.
  20. Jason

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    0.25mg daily x 2 months (starting d0se)
    1 mg tab available.

    - it is a metabolite of vitamin D.

    Graham: Do you have this available to prescribe ? Thoughts / Experience ?
    I have a lady who used to take this, but is now on Vitamin D. She is taking 1,000 IU daily. Her 25-oh Vitamin D level was 32. I was going to get her to take 4,000 or 5,000 IU .... but I am thinking of getting her on Alfacalcidol.

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