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Discussion in 'Rebol' started by swhite, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I want to make a little presentation program that will have a main window and a button, and the button will display other windows by loading them from text files. I can make that work, BUT, I want the windows called by the main window to be offset a bit and not on top of the main window. I have read the documentation for "layout" but I am not able to find a place for the "offset" refinement that makes it work. I wonder if anyone can explain. My latest and most-promising-looking attempt is shown below:

    Thank you.

    REBOL [
    Title: "A little presentation program"

    ; This test window will eventually be in a text file.
    VH1 "Test heading"
    text "Test text"

    ; A button will load a window from a text file and show it with offset.
    TEST-BUTTON: does [
    view/new layout/offset load TEST-WINDOW 10x50

    ; This is the main window that will display the windows stored in text files.
    button "Test" [TEST-BUTTON]

    ; Start program.
    view layout MAIN-WINDOW
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    Offst is a view refinement, and it is relative to the screen, not to the last window:

    view layout [ 
     button "Click me" [
      view/new/offset layout [text "example"] 100x100 
  3. MaxV

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    Try to change 100x100 with other values, if you use negative values, window will be out of the screen, but it will be there...

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