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    I am delighted to see that Synapse has a number of variables hardcoded that I can utilize in my consult notes. Below is a list of variables that I found. It would be great if we could extend this list of variables to everything else that might become helpful, e.g. every little result type becoming a variable so that I can e.g. show the last Digoxin level. Centricity, a major EHR here in the US has (I believe) 10.000 variables hardcoded. These include about everything you can imagine (or not) such as "abdominal exam" so that the database becomes infinitely reportable.

    EPIC, another major US EHR, allows to e.g. not only show the latest ESR value by typing<$esr> but alsoallowsto show the latest n ESRs by using<$esr[n>. Is that feasible so to get more control over my documentation?

    That said, I am purely amazed what I am seeing in terms of functionality in Synapse, compared to major EHRs here in the US that cost $10.000s.


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    There is something like that but it's a little different.

    You have a main macro template which calls the sub-template. The sub-template contains something like this

    What this means is to insert the text, and then give the latest result corresponding to the loinc code that follow the @. But for the ESR, include the latest 5 results ( ,5 at the end ).

    This means I don't have to create 10,000 different variables, but you do have to look up the LOINC codes to create the template. And of course you do need results with LOINC codes which generally means HL7 results coming in. But it creates more flexibility than the way Centricity does it.
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    Don't forget this thread: Variables available in the Consult Editor - Note: Graham says these are not available for "Send to Word".

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    BTW, the reason that the consult editor doesn't accept the results in the @ nnn,x format is because it was felt not needed there. This is because you can click on the Insert Results list and decide there how many results 1- n, you want.

    BTW, this is a partial video that you can look at to get an idea of templating
  5. Jason

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