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    Although i have not made any ... there is a lot of documentation and
    seems very powerful and easy to tailor Custom-Templates to generate note data but how do you customize the physical printout of that data?

    My understanding thus far

    6 PS templates are available to customize under "Custom-Postcript" those being Script - request - request no details - letter - patient - invoice

    modified "Patient" and via the test button i get the desired
    ps(postscript) output on the preview screen(exactly how i want it to
    print out on paper.)

    Then i go to Settings-Postscript and set "To Patient" to point to my modified "patient" ps template

    Here is where i am stuck. I want that printout.

    I try going to Consult-Follow-up note print deselect everything but still get a Letter type template applied.

    I then tried using docs-A4 Letter to patient which applies some alternative formatting that seems to come from the Custom-Latex-To Patient
    definitions. Thats not the desired effect

    and Also tried Docs-Letter PS/HTML Encounter with options, deselect all options and get out a preformatted medical record type note which is the closest to the desired effect but needs modification to work for my practice.

    So either how do i modify the outputt i get from "Docs-Letter PS/HTML Encounter with options"

    or how to i print out the modified "patient" ps template as seen from the test screen?

    I suppose from the test screen i could try the "network print option on port 9100 but is jsut seems incorrect to write my follow up note and then go to custom-PS-patient-test-to print it out.

    Is there an easier way? or please clarify how the different formats Latex Ps HTML Word work together or independently.


  2. Graham

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    I'm off home and I'll answer these questions then.

  3. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    There are two types of letters in the PostScript templates. One is to print a letter to a FP and includes all the diagnoses, medications etc.

    The other template is a letter to a patient. This does not include the diagnoses and medications.

    Once you have created the templates, you have to assign them in the Settings/PostScript/Templates ... click the buttons ".." and pick your templates.

    Finally to print, in Patients/Consults select a letter in the table on the left and then click the "Print" button. This defaults to the letter to FP format. Click on "To Patient" to switch to the patient letter format. Then click on PS-Template, and the preview should appear.

    Docs button

    The docs button brings up either the LaTeX templates ( fixed and unalterable ), a HTML printout, or print to MS Word ( depends on the state of the drop down list between [Paste] and [Versions] button.

    The A4 encounter format is designed for physicians who wish to keep a paper record of the encounter for audit purposes.

    The LaTeX format was the original template system but was found to be too restrictive. LaTeX decides using it's own criteria how to format a letter so that it is typographically correct. Which is not how we often want the letters. Also, there was a problem with some errors, and then generating the pdfs all took time. And printing PDFs is a little problematic at times as Acrobat gets confused on which pdf you want to print!

    I therefore moved to using direct postscript as the main supported print option bypassing LaTeX => TeX => PostScript.

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