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Discussion in 'Rebol' started by elwis, May 10, 2010.

  1. elwis

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    Have to spam you some more!

    The REBOL forms isn't the most beautiful in cyberspace. However, I always prefer Functionality before Form (and I'm used to develop Oracle Forms which aren't the best looking piece in modern RIA world either). However, is it possible to do something about the fonts? They are not very easy to read and sometimes they get cut up.

    Oh and yes, I'm still reading, perhaps the answer is further down the documentation but patience isn't a virtue of mine ;)
  2. Graham

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  3. elwis

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    Quick answers as always, thank you very much. I'll put that trick in my blog for sure!!
  4. Graham

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    If you want a GUI that's easier, though more limited, to deal with, you can try RebGUI. See

    It has more widgets than VID, and automatic resizing.

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