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    In the past you might have noticed an application named browser.exe which downloads and runs with Synapse. This is a helper application that can load web pages to display files ( pdfs, faxes etc ) that runs under the control of Synapse.

    One of the current issues for me is that when doing synchronous tasks such as sending emails, or downloading things, it blocks the GUI until complete. While I could rewrite all these http tasks as asynchronous, I've decided to solve this issue by using multiprocessing.

    Beta-111f now downloads a rebolview binary to run as a slave to Synapse.

    On the right hand top of the main GUI you'll see two new buttons:


    The "TaskQ" button shows tasks that have been started, and whether they have been completed, and the "!" button starts the task server.

    The result so far means that I can schedule a Email2Fax instantly and the email is now sent without my having to wait for it to complete before I can carry on working.

    I will identify other areas which cause delays and see if they work as tasks.
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