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Discussion in 'Rebol' started by MaxV, Sep 23, 2010.

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    never seen that one before!

    There are a few around though .. many unpublished.
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    I've used my sitebuilder.cgi script for bunch of small sites: . It's a simple templating system with a javascript WYSIWYG content editor (I've created several different versions with various javascript replacement editors). There's a REBOL console (for manipulating files on the web server or to run any little helpful REBOL scripts from a command line in the browser), a file uploader, plain text editor, site map editor, and other features built in. You can replace the HTML page templates in a few seconds - just take any HTML page and insert the few lines where content, title, and other elements are to be automatically placed. The script comes with a built-in tutorial about how to use it. It's a single file install. Just chmod the script to 755 and upload the REBOL interpreter to the same directory on the web server (by default rename it to rebol276). Users with absolutely no experience can begin creating full sites without needing any other tools - they just type in the name of a new page and start editing content in their browser. The javascript editor works just like a word processor. Images can be uploaded and inserted into pages, links, tables, font size and style, layout, etc. can be edited as easily as in a desktop application. Pages can be automatically inserted as sub pages of other pages on the site, menus of links to subpages are automatically created (with rollovers), and the arrangement of pages (site map) can be easily edited later. The script runs in Apache, but I also created a version that runs in Cheyenne. No database is needed. Backing up and/or moving entire sites, including the content management system and all the content, is as simple as copying a single folder (to do administrative things like that, I can just call tar from the REBOL console to compress the dir, and use the built-in file manager to download). It's dead simple to use, and the look of the site can be changed instantly by replacing the HTML templates. I get users with absolutely no experience up and running with a complete web site and content management system, in less than 5 minutes. I use it for all my own sites - for simple informational tree type page structures there's nothing simpler for users, and nothing I've ever found that's simpler to install and maintain. For my needs, it's been a huge productivity aid. I wrote a case study about it at if you're interested in how it works :)
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    Also, the script that runs is complementary, and may be useful if you're looking for web building tools. The current source of that script is always available at the "source" link at the bottom of the home page.

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