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    You know that Rebol is a fantastic programming language, but its development was discontinued and bad supported. A lot of people when encounter Rebol falls in love for its simplicity, a blend of theory, experimentation, and invention, the language embodies elegant and wonderful concepts and properties. It was and is the most productive language I've ever used. I hope your experience has been similar.

    Unfortunately a lot of bad events are leading Rebol to a no through road:
    • no direction of the new Rebol3
    • no a central site open for discussion
    • no updates on Rebol 3 source (well, just one every month)
    • too many sites about Rebol and with no updates from years

    These and other reasons forced me to create a public forum, with a public wiki and a blog, where everybody can contribute. The result is just 17 users, this means that Rebol is dying; the cathedral way of Rebol 3 development is not working.
    So I'm forced by my love for Rebol to create a new GitHub repository: Rebol 3 Bazaar, it's a Rebol 3 source, with graphic working (VID, but just on windows at the moment); I promise you:
    If you like to contribute write me, use GitHub or Rebol portal; you don't need to be a programmer, think about a new logo, contribute the wiki.
    I draw the following logo, what do you think?

    If you know REBOLers who might be interested in this discussion, please let them know about this blog posting. I look forward to hearing from you.
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