Migrating my MS Word Medication data to Synapse - Investigating the possibilities.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jason, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Jason

    Jason Developer / Handyman Staff Member

    I am going to think about options for me to "mass convert" my Word Data to Synapse.

    Obviously it will require some paid for Graham Custom Coding.

    Here is a Random patient med list.

    Ventolin 100mcg/puff 1-2 puff q4h prn M: 1 R: 3
    Hydrocortisone cream 2.5% apply bid prn M:100g
    Clotrimazole cream 1% with 0.5% HC powder M: 30g
    Metamucil - M: 504g x 3 R: 12
    Serevent 2 sprays bid prn M: 1 R: 10 LU: 391
    CROMOLYN EYE DROPS 2% apply qid PRN M: 12.5ml
    HCTZ 25mg 1 tab po od M: 100 R: 3
    Amlodipine 5mg 1 tab po od M: 100 R: 3
    Palafer 1 tab po od M: 30 R: 6
    NitroPatch 0.4mg/h 1 patch daily M: 30 R: 3
    Ciprofloxacin 500mg 1 tab po bid M: 14 LU: 333

  2. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    Why did you not use Synapse prescribing earlier?

    There is no way to automatically assign RxCUIs to these drugs so even if were to add them programmatically, you will have to add the RxCUIs later on.

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