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Discussion in 'Chickenfoot Scripts' started by rahuul, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. rahuul

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    Hi All,

    I am fairly okay in writing chickenfoot script.But yesteday one anchor tag really killed me.

    I was not able click a page wherein an anchor tag is defined without a name as shown below. <pre id="line19"><a href="java script :void(send())">Send a Scrap</a></pre><pre id="line19">PS: I added some extra spaces in the above function, because the site is blocking the javascript word and not displaying it.
    </pre><pre id="line19">I tried with the following. </pre><pre id="line19">click("Send a Scrap"); ' but it did not work.</pre><pre id="line19">Is there any other way by which I can call this javascript? </pre><pre id="line19">Your help will be really appreciated. </pre><pre id="line19"></pre><pre id="line19">Thanks for reading,</pre><pre id="line19">Rahuul
    </pre><pre id="line19">
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    Graham's turnaround time for helping with Chickenfoot scripts is usually measured in hours, but I know he's on holidays for 1 week. In the 3 years I have been using Synapse I dont think I've seen Graham gone for so long. I am super good (as well as many others here) at helping with Synapse issues, but my Chickenfoot scriptskillsare borderline ! Truthfully, Synapse hasn't done enough work promoting how cool chickenfoot scripts are. We probably should have more defaults set for people to get the understanding how great they can be .... so they will be motivated to make some of their own.

    I tried to scrape together some code for you but I dont think it would work anyway.

    Grahamreally helped me with my ChickenFoot Scripts. I use them to log on to web-based Labs and web-based drug databases provided free to me by my medical society.

    There are tutorials on this topic:

    The people on this mailing list will likelybe able to help you quite easily: allows Chickenfoot users to talk to each other and exchange ideas. Use this if you want and answer before Graham gets back.

    Obviously there are lots of resources at the ChickenFoot Script homepage:

    Good Luck, sorry I am subpar on Chickenfoot Scripts.

    Let me know if you need any other help.

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