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    I've been investigating E-prescribing again. Having a direct connection to Surescripts is not enough as they don't provide drug interactions, drug histories, and do not show which drugs are funded or not.

    There is a significant integration fee being charged, up to $30k by one company, as well as monthly network charges of $50/prescriber.

    To fund this, I will need to charge initially $500 per prescriber. But to kickstart this, I would like to do something similar to what I did for the EZsync utility.

    So, you can pay the $500 and that is your connection charge.
    Or, you can pay $1500, and get all of this back after my fees are covered.

    So, this is how it might work.
    Say 6 users pay $1500, and 2 users pay $500 which is a total of $10000. My integration costs are now covered. Thereafter, each $500 payment that is received will go to pay back those who paid $1500 so that the early adopters/investors end up paying $0. Those who paid $500 however, do not get anything back.

    Remember also that for 2010, you can get an extra 2% of your Medicare payments paid to you for using e-prescribing. And restricted drugs will soon be e-prescribable. This drops to 1% for 2011.

    I have had one person so far sign up to this.
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    There is a free service for e prescribing through NEPSI.
    You have to use Allscripts e prescribing software, which for now is free, but they are using it to promote their EMR (Mysis), which is really bad, at least for OB/GYN.
    NEPSI is advertised as noncommercial initiative, so contacting them may be beneficial. Just a suggestion. I do not believe in noncommercial initiatives sponsored 100%, by one company,that is trying to grab a big share of the same market.
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  4. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    The problem with this software is that it requires double entry and so you slow yourself down.

    And they have significant charges if you want to create a bridge ... so that's why I'm investigating other routes.

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