Customizing the connection to your own server

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    Synapse Express Client is set up by default to connect to our demo server at However, both this address, and the user name ( currently defaults to "Guest" ) can be altered to another default.

    Say you have your own Synapse EMR server serving on your network at, and your username is Joe,

    Then to customise Synapse EMR client to start with these defaults:

    1. Start up the Windows Control Panel
    2. Double click on System
    3. Select the Advanced tab
    4. Click on the "Environment Variables" button
    5. You now need to create two new user variables
    6. The first one is called "synapse-port" and has the value ""
    7. and the second one is called "synapse-user" and has the value "Joe"
    8. If you have a domain, then for synapse-port use "" where 8011 is the port you have configured Synapse EMR to use. If you have selected another port, then use that number instead
    9. Note that it is not as we are not using the http protocol
    Finally, if you are running Synapse Server and Client on the same PC ( not recommended but for testing purposes you might want to do this ), you can set up another environment variable named "synapse-local" and give it the value "true". This will then give you the option to login to the localhost ( this PC ), and then the option to connect remotely.

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