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    confluence has strengths .. but what we need is an active wiki.
    One that is easy to access and relatively easy to use.
    Single Sign On.

    I have just recently convinced the vaultwiki people to get their own site.

    vaultwiki integrates with vBulletin, and feels like vBulletin.
    New wiki articles appear in "New Posts" queries.
    There is no more powerful wiki

    I've looked at confluence ...

    We could limit the number of registered users to 25.
    Certainly that would mean kicking out the Rebolers !
    25 users $800 flat fee host your own. $300/mo (hosted)
    I doubt Confluence will host easily on a "normal" hosting account.
    You'd be looking at a $50/month minimum.

    For price it is not worth investigating really.
  3. Graham

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    I had a look at Vault wiki's demo .. and couldn't see anything special ...

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