Client Build 193, and Server 0.0.68 - final builds

Discussion in 'New Release and Beta Release Information' started by Graham, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    New features
    • Internet Explorer printing is now enabled for almost all printing tasks. This is done using a custom free active X control which must be allowed to run. This active x control allows control of the header and footer settings.
    • New printable reports of all digital and text results including the ability to select results for printing
    • The ability to custom tag consults and filter on tags
    • The ability to execute chickenfoot scripts to facilitate the execution of web services
    • The ability to enter numeric results in the "add results" interface
    • The ability to enter text results without a scan in the "add results" interface
    • The ability to attach patients to a staff to staff message. Clicking on such a message automatically retrieves that patient,
    • O2 saturation is now part of the vital signs

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