Bisphosphonates and Shin splints (aka Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome) - any link ?

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    I had a patient come in with shin splints. 78 year old very thin chinese lady, very healthy. Only 2 meds are Vitamin D and Alendronate 70mg weekly (since 2007).

    I think of shin splints as microfractures, reminds me of a time when I played a volleyball tournament with unsupportive (but cool looking) shoes. Ouch.

    Her shin splints seem atraumatic. They aren't severe. I suggested some practical measures and for her to repeat her Bone Density and to come back if the shin pain worsens.

    Her Past BMDs. 2015 BMD pending.


    Anyway. Long story short. In 2014 I was thinking of taking a break from her bisphosphonate. We ended up staying on it. I'm going to decide what to do based on the next BMD.

    But ... I was wondering ... can bisphosphonates predispose you to shin splints ? Sort of like Frozen Bone syndrome but the shin ! So I googled it. (Very interesting how Google found a few good articles to read ... despite the articles not containing the word shin split ... ie this good article).

    I might consider trying a different medication than a bisphosphonate especially as her weak point is the neck of the femur ... not exactly a strong point of bisphosphonates. hmmmm.

    FYI the medical word for shin splints is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome.



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