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Discussion in 'Feature: Requests and Planning' started by laumansm, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Jerry

    Jerry Administrator Staff Member

    How do you get the PPort and Xplr buttons next to the search button to display these days? I remember you and Graham had quite some discussions about simplifying the synapse GUI awhile back. I'll be darned if I can figure out how to bring those buttons back with the current synapse GUI.

    Ackh! Answered my own question. The buttons only appear if you've set a PPort path.
  2. laumansm

    laumansm New Member

    Being a bit more versed in Synaptic thinking now, I have a bit more clear of a vision on how to generate After Visit Summaries. Since I believe that instructions that I give to patients should be charted as well for legal reasons (litigation in the US is crazy), I would definitely prefer to store patient instructions in Synapse.

    I envision the following: aGUI template for patient instructions with a notes field and some fields to check e.g.

    1. Take your Ibuprofen 800 mg TID

    2. Follow up with me in 2 weeks

    Using he GUI, these instructions should automatically become part of the consult note (like imaging and lab orders etc do, too). Then, I would like to print a letter for the patient with these instructions. I would like to use a patient letter PS template called "AVS" that contains the following information:

    1. Today's vital signs

    2. Diagnosis from the current consult note (some of you might prefer all diagnoses)

    3. Current medications

    4. Allergies

    5. Patient instructions from above

    6. Anything else from the chart that you would want. You might consider adding a charge amoutn or your CPTs to teh note (for payment purposes at the front desk).

    Finally, I would want the AVS to be automatically uploaded to the Portal.

    Do you think that the above is doable? Does anybody think this would be helpful?

  3. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    You could probably modify the superbill template to do all of this ... so they get one piece of paper ... a bill and visit summary.

  4. laumansm

    laumansm New Member

    Does that allow me to have a patient instructions field to be copied from a GUI template back into the consult note for documentation? Marius
  5. Jerry

    Jerry Administrator Staff Member

    I didn't quite catch on that the new designation of "After Visit Summary" is the same diff as what we have called "Patient Discharge Instructions" in urgent care and the ER for years. It's generally considered very wise (if not mandatory in a lot of ER settings) to give the patient formal discharge instructions. In paper charts, these are usually photocopies or duplicate/triplicate paper. In my current setting, I have fallen down a lot on handing these out to patients... just so much !@#$ paperwork. I have seen several commercial software and paper systems dedicated to just making Patient Discharge Instructions (or After Visit Summaries). AAFP has one, PAIGE, the old Kramer Communication booklets, etc.

    I totally agree with where you're going Marius, but it has to be truly easy to use, or you'll eventually quit if you get really busy. I've also generally quit handing them out to established patients coming in for just URI's and such, as it makes a lot of folks annoyed. I've often thought of making my own mini-booklets on URI, zoster, etc. UpToDate Online, MD Consult, and others have "regular" (1-3 page) and "comprehensive" (18-25 page) patient handouts and are excellent. You can just notate in the chart which handout the patient was given along with specific instructions you gave them.
  6. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    Remember you can also store all those generic patient handouts on your free 100Mb account.

  7. laumansm

    laumansm New Member

    Patient handouts such as fromtheAAFP and from UptoDate are available plentifully on the web. What I am interested in is a way to provide encounter information to the patient and my instructions being saved back to the consult note. I am not sure whether the Superbill affords me that possibility. I envision doing this through a GUI called up in a similar fashion like an imaging request or lab request GUI. I would eventually printtheinstructions with all other info I'd like to have on it through a PS template from the consult note. Marius
  8. Graham

    Graham Developer Staff Member

    I don't do AVS .... if a patient wants a copy, I just print off the whole consult and give them a copy.

    That way, they get to see what their FP would also receive from me.

    Maybe you can do that too .. structure the whole consult as though you are writing to the patient.

  9. Jason

    Jason Developer / Handyman Staff Member

    OK. that's clear.

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